We need your help to correct an injustice!

After a great deal of consideration, Capstone Photography has decided to bring light to a particular situation. We have been proud to serve millions of athletes since our founding in 2005. But now we face an attack, and we believe that we must spread the word. We are confident the public will support our side of this issue.  The primary purpose of this page is to raise funds for our legal defense against this outrageous lawsuit.

Here is the thirty second version:

An individual named Peter Wolf filed for and received three patents related to event photography. We believe these patents fail for a number of reasons to meet the requirements for innovation worthy of patent protection by the US Government. The patent office actually rejected the first patent a total of SIX TIMES over a period of six years. Over the course of more than half a decade, Mr. Wolf kept changing the specific verbiage and narrowing the scope of the patent until finally the USPTO relented and granted the patent. (Does that sound to anyone like they just got tired and rubber-stamped it? But we're dealing with the government, so that could NEVER happen!)

Mr. Wolf has already contacted or sued more than a dozen companies. When confronted with the high costs of legal defense, one by one, they each agreed to settle with him. He has used the same tactics with us. He has repeatedly "reminded" us of the very high, six-figure cost to defend this suit. Regardless of the (lack of) merit in the case, we get the message loud and clear:
Pay up, Capstone, or go bankrupt trying to defend.

His lawyers have used the high cost of defense as a means to economically coerce a settlement.  My wife and I even traveled to California to meet with Mr. Wolf.  The mediation process was unsuccessful, and the suit threatens to put us out of business.

I could write for many pages about the reasons why we feel that Capstone is in the right and Mr. Wolf is in the wrong. But I think the facts and actions to date speak for themselves. This page has been assembled primarily as a single repository for content on the web regarding the patent-holder, the lawsuit and other related information. Please spend some time checking out the content links on this page.

We also ask for your support. Please SHARE this page with everyone you know. SHARE it with friends, SHARE it with events, SHARE it with your elected representatives. SHARE it with local media! We also hope you will consider donating to our legal defense. We think you'll agree that what Mr. Wolf continues doing is WRONG. We need your help to defend our case and to invalidate these patents.
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Think the entire race industry is being held hostage by some vague patents that never should have been granted?  HELP US! 
More info: mike@capstonephoto.com